Majestically Of A Radiance Enchantment – Eran Raven

Millions of his tremendous audiences watched him live in the prime time issues like NBC, Fox and CNN. With his elegance open – minded personality, entered  Eran Raven ( born by his birth name Feigenbaum ) over 50 international TV Shows, across including over 35 countries worldwide. Unforgettable his live presentation for NBC Phenomenon with over 8 million viewer.

This mentalist is one of the really re – known and top – leading magical superstar on this global. With his smooth – gentle, like a filigree feather on stage, clearly mellow voce acoustic, by his magnificent embracement in his shows, he capture imagination every spectator. A nonpareils aura imparts and deserved him, as an unique artist of his phenomenal crafts and gifts.

Inspiring by Eran´s  masterpieces in combine mind – reading and live – treating acrobatics with nail gun, snakes and scorpions fascinated many high – class luminaries like Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson and Sylvester Stallone.

Eran found his special gift in early ages. He trained and perfected his skills and moved out to his first live performances. Eran has roots from Israel and was born in New Jersey.

This breathtaking guy did a degree in technical engineering with honor from the University of California in Irvine. Further he earned his MBA from Pepperdine. His brilliant knowledge in technique used many top concerns like Google, Disney, Ford, Microsoft and the US – Government. Eran endued the leading director of the security department for Google in the years 2007 – 2016.

Countless interviews and panel discussions in TV Shows, live motivation keynote – speaking on several fairs, summits and especially trade venues, were recognizing by his multi experiences in easy explaining of the remarkable security in computing, their data cloud and the high – line of cryptographic systems.

Now, his appearance including a number of young and aspiring start up ´s as an advisor and an exceptional motivation – icon. Dynamically in development in telemedicine innovator curogram, advanced mobile peripherals and encrypted mobile communications provider Koolspan.

Don ´t  miss this giant of highlighting mind – refreshment. Our team from WGYM give him an adorable applause and standing ovations. Chapeau dear Eran for Your warmhearted and soft – expressive superior by Your best quality in technically veda!! We enjoying also Your subtly body language and the recharge in brain fitness!!

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