The Rocking Canyon – Topanga Musicians Blow Out Their Talents


What an impressive evening. Our team from We Got You Media were live as honoured guests on this amazing and charming musically evening this weekend.
The whole atmosphere at the venue by the Corazon Performing Arts Ensemble in their historical “ Topanga Old Center “, was an uplifting family vibe and definitively the melange of a living room by soft fireside chats in the background.

This vary of high – talented musicians was a delicately colourful bound among their single performances.
Tim O´ Gara & Gayle Ellet: Donkey Bone Chronicals CD Realease Presentation
This formation is a pure mash up with a flavor of bluegrass, deep country, celtic influences and sticky handmade acoustic rhythms in balladry arts.

Tim O´ Gara is a multi – faced singer / songwriter and convinced by his light warm voice.
For an ear candy conduces his strikingly acoustic instruments.

Gayle Ellet shows his crafty ambient within clearly volumes by his acoustic instruments and is a master by his Greek bouzouki. His genuine with luscious and exotic bonuses.

Phil Crosby Jr. ( grandson of Bing Crosby ) reformed his style from jazzy stuff and interpreting his own new songs by a wide – range of glorifying heroes from the last epoch.

Photo credits By We Got You Media Productions

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