EVDOKIMOV SHOW The Show that enchants the World By Fabio Tempesta

The Show that enchants the World
By Fabio Tempesta
There are shows that attract tourists from all over the world; the show that make the history of a megalopolis like Moscow, Paris, London, Miami, Ibizia, and Los Angeles. Show colourful and imaginative created by the inspiration of an artist. The artist, or, better, the super artist , Anatoliy Evdokimov, the precursor of a show, type This Which Show that so much success is getting in these years in Italy. Anatoliy from time to time, is transformed in Toney Braxton, Whitney Houston ,Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe , Liza Minnelli , Barbra Streisand , Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue , Madonna, Cher , Michael Jackson , Diana Ross and many others. But not only imitation of a famous person. Anatoliy is able to propose, with his imagination, even Musicals such as Moulin Rouge, Vogue, and Chicago, taken from the film played by the legendary Richard Gere.
Great shows with stunning choreography, and with 200 expensive costumes from the thousand and one nights created by John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Svarovski, and Thierry Mugler . At the center of this swirl the spectacular ballet. Dancers talented and beautiful, among which stands out for the elegance Anastasiya Lutskaya and Anastasiya Barsukova paired with the dancers, Artem Golubev, Yegor Bykov and Mikhail Vorobyeb. The Show and direct from the Beautiful and Statuesque Manager, Margarita, Diachenko.
The show of Anatoliy Evdokimov were rewarded with two Nightlife Award as the best Russian Dance Show. But their fame crosses the borders of Russia and arrives in more than 30 countries around the world, including the Usa and Canada. The public can admire not only the beauty and originality of the show, but “live “also the extraordinary emotions that can transmit. And the sensations are thrilling.
Here the interest is in the whole world by the fans of these great shows; hence the desire to spend the holidays in a dream-like atmosphere. And then? Then it is only natural that bow in this pre-christmas period bookings to attend these big Event Show. Will be, in fact, many tourists to celebrate the new year at the rhythm of the wildest dances from moscow and not only.
Live music, video installations, fireworks, interactive cooperation of different genres of music and media. All together to create a Big Event, signed Anatoliy Evdokimov. But that is not the end, because there is the final touch: Anatoliy with his cast, it works well-4 years, at the “De Grisogono party on the Cannes Film Festival”. Evdokimov Show is visible on all the Social Networks from Facebook to Youtube and on the official website evdokimov-show.com.

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