Sonia Pellacani- Expressive in form perfection – Sonia Pellacani

Sonia Pellacani
Expressive in form perfection – Sonia Pellacani

By her breathtaking art of dance, Sonia counts to one of the best stage & show female dancers
in the world. Also, she has many experience in music – videos and behind the lens. 
If you watch her gracile body – shape and surprised by a boost of staccato robotic and new –
vogue elements, when you are more than flashed. This native Italian super – talent capture
into another galaxy of the contemporary highest level in dance artistic. 

Sonia studied in her early years classic jazz dance. She was trained by the well – known
choreograph Serge Alzetta in Nizza and he accompanied this vibrant feather on her thirst tour.
She met in Rome the Maestro Giacomo Molinari, where she held a degree as a professional
dancer. Also, she got a degree in languages.
Further, Sonia hired with monthly contracts aboard on diversity luxury cruise liners like
Celebrity Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean. There she empowered her skills and upscale her
special gift.
Rich in great performance, she casts as the assistant director excellent dancing values by the
worlds finest address in our decade Cirque Du Soleil.
After her engagement, Sonia scintillated in the most first and largest agency for avant – garde
artists in Dragon Talent Group based in Las Vegas. Here she recognized her name in the
whole musician industry and reaped many gigs in shows and solo staging.
One of her famous projects was to perform as a co – star interpreter from Dragon Talent
Group by the official World Cup anthem music video of Santana, Wyclef and Aviici entitled
Dar Um Jeito – We Will Find A Way in 2014.

Around for one year, Sonia worked as a Hostess for the concern CASIO in Vegas.
Now, she has various high class involvements in diversity artistic agencies.
Self – employed, Sonia teaching in her workshops Lyrical Jazz.
Exclusively for We Got You Media Productions, Sonia stood in a key – role beside Josh
Moreland in his brand – new video. The location where the spectacular scenic of The Dunes
nearby Las Vegas. Thanks afterwards for Your sovereign appearance!!

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