LUV MATTERS Brand – Event for Trauma Victims and Children Christmas Toy Drive

LUV MATTERS: Brand – Event for Trauma Victims and Children ( Christmas Toy Drive )


Downtown L.A. our Producer, Entrepreneur, Founder and Owner of our Charity Foundation “ Luv Matters “ reached a new valuable level this year. With our latest slogan and the selected venue “ Christmas Ice – Skating for Trauma Victims “, we celebrated it by the Ice – Ring closed to the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. The Red Carpet show were placed in the noble restaurant “ Rock ‘ N Fish “served with refreshing and cooling drinks and cross canapés.

Elected fidelity guests by a cosy and a luxury petite ambient, we meet a new horizon in possibilities and  her happening goals.

Our whole team shouting a huge Thankful compliment to our dearest sponsors and supporters from a wide range in business areas in and around!!

We loved to say special honors to those brilliant partners:



Raised in a little town in the European state Romania, IONICA felt in her early years in love to interesting and finding out her skills in fashion design. Inspired by her mother, she went in her steps and after Ionica ´s life – stations in over 28 countries within her work in Social segments, she decided to start her first own label in the fashion industries in 2014.

Reflected by such stars as Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Ralph Laurent she development her style in a comfortable and noble direction. Ionica `s speech is the empowering woman avant – garde, by more feminine, personality, understated in expression and the sophisticated luxury state of mind.

Ionica has also degrees in social working programs and studied in Romania and in U. K. In her free time, she is an adorer to reading different kind of books. Her atelier is based in Los Angeles. Find out under:




One of the most influential banker in Los Angeles. Akori grows up from a well – known finance dynasty. His knowledge is the most important guarantor, to accompanied his clients to their faithful successes. Akori and his remarkable team, are always there in monitoring, conceptions, pre / re – financing, investment capital. Von-Ra Capital is committed to proving that even in an environment of change and instability there is one thing that will always create success, consistency.

Their pillars are Meta Money, Gotham Bullion, Lace & Gates, Live Events and Von – Ra Foundation. “ We take your time and hard earned efforts very seriously at Von-Ra Capital no matter the size of the portfolio.  It is for this reason we take an oath of honesty and directness in every situation no matter what. “ says Akori by the oath of his company.

This juggler in finance is an aficionado for hand made Cuban cigars.

Invest in:



This fresh young guy has it in his blood. The cousin of Michael Jackson is one of the leading mayors in the music industries. Chaka ´s vision to take a place in the musician scene, is started by his vibrant and exclusively agency Golden Child International in 2002. Specializing to promote the real Superstars by their concerts and bookings for video requests. In his portfolio are such famous names like Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Lauryn Hill, Boys to Men and Janet Jackson. Chaka supported also Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias, Eminem and many more from his former promotional profession at William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills.

With consistent hard work, focused in high – end quality, gain by truly connections to stock up the real rewards and manage the finance division; Chaka is a genuine businessman.

From growing up abroad to attending the prestigious Babson College in Massachusetts, he shares it all. Well – knowledge management allows him to strive new assets combine by first class contend within.



With their solid and harmony temperament, those amigos hosted and mingled into the scene by our charity event. Angel is a well – known fashion designer and his first producing line from his collection are men shirts, long sleeves and special T – Shirt models.

His buddy Arturo is a popular TV producer from the Telemundo station and he filming for his new episode stylists called “ Fashion Designers In Action “.

Stroll for You newest T – Shirt under:




She is on air with her own TV show “ Brandy J and Kristy Talk Show “. Also Kristy is working as a media host for Equality News Network. Music is on of her passion, so she is spinning the turntables on the online radio show “  Out Of The Closet “ by Isaac Squires.

Kristy studied in San Diego and acted as a D Jane for Blazing 98.9 and participated at Restless Nation Radio.


Sun Jane – The Empress of Zumba


With her charming and strictly moves, Sun is captivating all of her female class. Sun is the wife of the of the leading combat soldier of defence Wushu  discipline Victor Migalchan.

Her acrobatic smooth performance is absolutely unique.

Sun says “ Hi, I am Jane and I love teaching Zumba classes. Zumba is not only my career, it is also my dream and whole life “.


In every discipline Sun is going to die for her own. Well, we are very impressed by herself to be alive in front of her pretty charming and ROUGH interpretation choreographies.  Sun is more than a motional dancer; she practise you into another limits of sacrificially balances.   


Ramon Barajas III: Multi – Versatile Entrepreneur Of The Future Generation


„ I am a student of my life „ that slogan used Karl The Greatest in early Middle Ages / Europe.
We have here a personality within a magnificent wide range of knowledge in diversity branches.
As a young student, he was the leader at the university. Science in economics and sustainability of environments were one of his focused resources; and expand them today and in the future. 
Since his childhood, Ramon was interested in arts and encouraged his generation to build and develop their ambitions

. For this reason, at the age of 18, he became one of the youngest investors in philanthropy in the areas of education, arts, and sustainability by donating $100,000 to several philanthropy group in such areas.

Widespread and forth seeking with his burning ambition, he built his stations in many different business industries. Wealth minded in the hospitality, fast food, retail, entertainment and non – profit organisations, given Ramon the real perception into reforming old facts in processing new opportunities by a grateful vision to create sustainability horizons.
Ramon has a array of functions. He founded his own foundation in April of 2013. A foundation that focuses on advocating for education, arts, sustainability, and social development, via its number of programs. Ramon is currently chairman of the Empress Group and is responsibility for over 20 brands.

Ramon was born and raised in Los Angeles by an immigrant family. He balanced his golden heart to struggle and overcome the obstacles in between social life and reduce prejudices.
Loving to accomplish to edify new fields from the multiple pillars in the hybrid business elements and recultural environments. Redefinition in education, socializing non profit projects, motivational speeches and construction a healthy bundle of human in excellence.

One of his running heard blood is to rebuild his community in California with his venture “ Ramon Barajas III for 2018 “.
We are very proud to have such a humanitarian artist for our foundation “ Luv Matters “ aboard and for his long term support. Thank you very much; our NextGenLeader.



„ The Four Elements Of Wushu „ – An Ukrainian Several Championship Leader Reveal ´s You The Way: Mr. Victor Migalchan

Before we are stepping into his marvellous artistic talent, let ´s view his remarkable vita by his internationally personality.

Born and raised in the beautiful Country Ukraine, Victor discovered his balanced talents between combat sport and sciences in economic.
So we take a look of his fabulous education:
The first graduation was the Bachelor of Science in International Economics at the Chernivtsi National University / Ukraine. Following at the same University his Masters Degree. In 2012 he graduated a Masters Degree in Foreign Policy at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Multi – Linguist Victor is speaking fluent Ukraine, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese. Also he is learning currently French, Italian, Czech and German.
Victor is a specialist as a diplomacy in Foreign Affairs worked for the Ukraine 6th Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ukraine Embassy to the USA in this early decade.

Meanwhile he worked constantly and very hard by his fighting sport. Master in all styles of Wushu ( Tai Ji – Traditional / Modern, Yang, Wu, Sun & Chen ). Synthesizing in Chan Quan, Nan Quan, Shaolin Quan, Wushu Weapons, Push – Hands and Sanshou.

Victor won un – countless national and international Championships in diversity disciplines. Please visit his website with his standings.
He is a leader in MMA and founded his first private Pacific Northwest Martial Arts Academy / California.
The Four Elements Of Wushu are Air, Water, Earth and Fire. In his impressive show reel inspires Victor by his filigree techniques in perfection.

This thunderbird is also interested in the filming branch, so he functioned as an actor, stunt coordinator, director and producer. One of his latest projects calls “ Shadows Warriors “, there he plays the main role and is coincident the producer.

Viktor is a philanthrope and applying for children and women needs worldwide; especially in his homeland Ukraine. He is a motivator to construct new bridges in – between the social relationships.
Victor is married with Sun Xue and is living in California.

Let You instruction by this radiance gem of MMA on his website:

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