Oiled by a fresh , smooth and a touch of high , smoky voice – Cass Cates

Oiled by a fresh – smooth and a touch of high – smoky voice : #Cass



He is the lead singer and the ultimate vocalist of his group Ashley Red.

They founded years ago in Memphis / Tennessee. This boiling city is one of the most popular sources by the music elements of Blues, Rock ´n Roll and Blues.

Those ascendancies where strictly determinative of their unspoiled sound in creation.

The quadriga around Cass, Thor Jetsen ( Bass ), Hector Rios ( Guitar ) and John Kurimai ( Drums won for their district the first place by the Budweiser True Music Contest.


They decided to play and work a full – time band together. In this winning night, they rolled up a map on the stage and to fixing their next goal to move by throwing a dart. This hilarious idea, kicked them to West Palm Beach / Florida.


Here, they entered the music scene and reached as opener the show by Bon Jovi. Also selected to an episode of MTV ´s Channel My Super Sweet 16.


In the year 2009 after  their hits of success in Florida, they discovered the venue in Los Angeles in the Golden State. Belong by their thoughts to split their new domicile with Las Vegas / Nevada. In this decade, they changed their sound from mighty rock to a crafty – spicy

club rock rhythm.


Combine with Djing format, they mixing up their own styles and renounced to covering other bands. This live clubbing atmosphere is their glance of its unique brand.     


Insider calls Cass voice like the unforgettable King Of Rock ´n Roll Elvis Presley.

Such a great compliment to this bonhomous guy.     


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