Tony Selvage – The Godfather Of New Age Music

Tony Selvage – The Godfather Of New Age Music

His home is the magical region of Topanga Canyon in California / US West Coast.
There he can inhale the whole aura from this special pleasing area.
Tony has the musician gift in his veins. By the genes from his mother the actress and singer Ennid Zamboni, he was inspired to learn the Violin. Also from his father Morris Coffin Selvage, who was a popular trumpet artist.
The proud father of four daughters, attended the Cornish School of Music at the age of 10 and studied with Frank Beezhold, the concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. After school, he continued practicing in music, his whole family moved to Florida. After several years in the US Navy and a G.I. in Vietnam, he got some unspectacular jobs for a while. At the age of 30 years old, his oldest daughter Keirstin inspirited him, while she played with a pencil on a violin. That sound mesmerized him for a new restart in composing songs. He took his own fabulous energy into the instrument and discovered new horizons in music. Tony`s audience were fascinated and his glorify road to the peaks was the beginning of his super successful career.
This burning virtuoso audited the classes of California Institute of the Arts and performed their first live concert. One of his biggest chances was to work with Quincy Jones / MoTown Records and his prosperous talent helped him to play with numerous Hollywood parties while learning massage and chiropractic techniques. He also played for the very first Topanga Days as well as the Palisades Symphony Orchestra . He later performed with the Topanga Symphony Orchestra, Will Geer´s Theatricum Botanicum and the American Show with Pete Seeger. From this point, Tony was much more than recognized, he was one of the important influence of a new journey into music. He worked with such big heads like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Brian Douglas Wilson, Keoki Kahumoku, Mick Fleetwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Petty, Emmy Lou Harris, Taj Mahal and thousand more legendary superstars.
Multi versatile in different genres; he composed and played songs for the commercial industries, created vibrations for the filming branch like “ Interview With A Vampire “, “ Nightmare On Elm Street III: Dream Warriors / Don Dokken “, Murder She Wrote “ are one of countless reviews. Also, he has a wonderful collection of live tapes and his own compilations.
In his “ early “ musician time, he founded his band BA KA DA; witch means BA = Outer soul spirit universe / KA = Inner soul / DA = NOW / NAO = Vibrations of now, death, life, a Chinese Ideogram. With those guys, he climbed many spontaneous jams and sessions in Orange County. Tony regarded also many solo live gigs worldwide.
Music is more than a therapy. It is a mentally and spiritually mouthpiece by voice and sound.
The transcendence between the emotions by making music and a healing key – role to enter the right nerve of the listener, is the productive solution to recovering own personality. Tony is the interpretation of God as a musician, who know’s to find a special carol for everybody. His unique vibrations are the gate for new and healthy of personal excellence. His focus is also to engage the complexities of music therapy, neuroscience, the body ´s immune systems and the deepest philosophical and metaphysical issues of who we are. He is always discovering new possibilities to refresh people by his skills.
Violinist Tony conglomerates all genres of music arts, so he launched his own music category in “Cosmic Classical Jazz“. Cosmic = Is the spiritual key, because it comes from God; Classical = means the training and education and Jazz = Improvisation.
Tony loves to play on his viola ( electric ) and one of his greatest live jams was to melting a group of American Indians to dive into their cosmos. He was a part on them and breathed extraordinary impressions.
More magnificent information by his achievement can be found under

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