Ralph Michael Brekan – Filming Master & Pop up Movement artist

Ralph Michael Brekan – Filming Master & Pop up Movement artist

An epitome of an acting artist & pop up movement art painter.

Ralph is the new interpretation of the godfather in pop art painting; Andy Warhol.  

His magnificent art work having featured in seven cities, twelve countries and three continents on the globe. Stunning exhibitions, with combine new materials ( recycling, sustainability and environmentally by his equipment ), allows him to refigure and recovering the past into the present.

Over 25 years in his excellent experience of such a contemporary first – rate artist, Ralph continue the traditional California Assemblage in their ecologically materials.

His latest shining showcase of “ Mixed Media Art by Warhol “ has been reflecting in Il Tramezzino Café & Exchange Room Gallery in Los Angeles, on 04 March 17.

It ´s a sequel of his success community event in Pasadena last year; the charming chocolate & art show.


On the other side, we have a filming virtuoso. Since his early childhood, he and his brother Douglas experimented with a Super 8 and Betamax gears. Enhanced  his technique skills as a production assistant and a laborer, Ralph joined at IATSE Motion Picture Studio Mechanic and a collaboration Village Roadshow Motion Picture. Here was his first big step into the movie branch to work on the popular filming project “ Three Kings “, starring by George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in the main roles.

Claimed in all its facets, Ralph is known for the role “ Vendor “ in the first episode of the TV series “ Westworld  “ with super star Ed Harris. Or in playing diversity character in “ Navy CIS “ and “ Baskets “. Many facilities enriched him a great coordinator in Art department, Camera and Electrical department, Production Designer and Art Director. Examples: “ Hidden Palms “ TV series,  “ Uncross the Stars “, “ Take Me Home Tonight “ and “ The Phoenix Incident “ a documentary project.

Catch him now in the brand new TV series “ The Last Tycoon “ as Dave Goodman in the first two episodes; written by Billy Ray and the legendary screenwriter ( his origin novel 1976 ) F. Scott Fitzgerald ( The Great Gatsby, Last Time in Paris ).  


“ In between my enthusiasm spirit, to be and balance different platforms in switching the filming and painting crafts, I sucking the whole atmosphere of the surroundings “, said Ralph Michael Brekan.  


Ralph is a fine – hearted expressionist, filled up with his own performance and his unique signature to sign his opus and spry it out. This outstanding artist melting the celebrity scene and in his private life, he loves to be humble and taking care of his warmth family.

Follow this dynamic firebird by his ingredient nostalgically hat out of the early 20th century and infect by his enduring hilarious smiling face…     

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