We Got You Media Production Team; Luv Matters Foundation ( a non-profit organization501(c)3 EIN 81-457431 is a charity for trama and disaster victims) has created a “Go Fund Me Page”, for the donations to the Thomas and the recent four other fires across California, the victims’ families are suffering; without a home, food, and water. With the generousity of our brothers and sisters, and friends we will be able to provide food, water and hotel stay for those affected. Our production team will be filming  documentary on this particular campaign  for those affected to show how we will be putting the money to good use to help those victims. We would love any donations for example, a generator, food, water, hotel rooms, and anything else we can get for these victims. They are in need of  generators  please donate! to provide electrcity for those victims so they can use their phones to call or message their families. We would love to get any donated hotel rooms to provide these victims with a place to sleep since they no longer have a home to go too. We would also love for you to donate on this page so that way if we can not get one; we can go out to buy everything we can to provide. These victims need our help now instead of later. These victims are needing a Christmas Mircle. We want to be able to help them with Christmas coming and other holidays we are coming close too. We need to do anything we can to help all these victims . We will also be providing publicity to any company that is willing to help donate everything their going to need to get through this terrible tragedy that is happening. Our production team would lie to than you in advance . Please donate anything you can to help us provide these families in time of need. If you would like to personally make donations for these victims like the generator as an example please don’t hesitate to comment or message us to set that up. We would love to give what you have food, water, Christmas gifts, and hotel rooms to these victims.

Best Regards…………………………….WE GOT YOU MEDIA TEAM1206_nws_ldn-l-thomas-fire-ah

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