Emergency response calls such as ventura County fires can come in at any time of the day or night and must be responded to immediately. Sleep may be frequently interrupted asthe

firefighters and their

in this scenario are experts in getting themselves dressed in the appropriate gear/equipment and onto the emergency vehicles quickly when responding to the emergency calls regardless of what they might be busy with at the time the emergency call comes in. Bravo and thank you Captain Steve Concialdi and all the firefighters under his command.

All the emergency calls, the brush fires, structure fires, automobile accidents, life-threatening medical emergencies, non life threatening medical calls and other hazardous situations, all were responded to with the same speed and professionalism by Captain Concialdi and front line

firefighters immediately who evaluate each emergency situation upon arrival including probability of the fire spreading, needs of victims, medical conditions, effects of weather conditions, etc. in order to effectively deal with all the emergencies.

Captain Steve Concialdi in Ventura County interviewed by We Got You Media Live by Marina Kufa and it was extremely critical that the firefighters thought so quickly and obtained the appropriate information to deal with each unique situation.

They all intimately coordinated their activities and worked as a team including those firefighters who worked directly with the emergencies, those who directed the activities and those who stood by to relieve other firefighters.

Firefighters in Ventura County encountered one of the largest fire disasters and the most dangerous operations in these last few days. Firefighters entered burning structures, searched for victims, ways to extinguish the fire and in this process they were exposed to extreme heat, smoke, fumes, and structural dangers.

Firefighters occasionally are overcome by smoke and/or are burned while working to put out fires such as one was reported to have a possible fractured leg in Ventura County fires who was responsible for the clean up of fire scenes.

Firefighters may perform the tasks previously done by paramedics and assess a victim’s general condition. Firefighters must use first aid and emergency medical techniques to treat victims to the best of their ability. In Ventura County rescue operations

firefighters used systematic search procedures to try to find trapped victims without getting lost or trapped.

While on duty in Ventura County fires each front line fire fighter worked and dedicated himself /herself for more than 24 hours, slept at the station. Most stations do not have any physical barriers separating male and female facilities, including bathing and toilet areas, and rely on an “occupied/not occupied” system.

We Got You Media Live sends special thanks to all the volunteers and individuals who had a special place and live in their heart to rescue and sace a life.

photo credits @wegotyoumedia

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