TERREL OWENS at 2018 All-Star East Meets West Celebrity



2018 All-Star East Meets West Celebrity Hoopfest – Das Megaevent in Los Angeles Hier spielen die NBA Stars mit zahlreichen Prominenten und ausgewählten Sportvirtuosen in verschiedenen Teams gegeneinander an. Zum spritzig – heißen Rahmenprogramm sorgen die amerikanischen R & B Sängerin Ledisi ( Give You More, High ) und ZupaNova ( First Contact, Energy ), welche die Pop Schiene vertritt. Durch diese sportive Extravaganza führt der landesbekannte Showmaster D. B. Erlesene All Stars aus der Gliz & Glamour Szene wie Steve Francis ( ehemaliger NBA player), Bill Bellamy, Keith Harris, Dominique Columbus (Ray Donovan Show), Tullio Parry, Tank, Layzie Bone, Brian Courtney Wilson, Corey Clark, u.v.m… Das Spektakel ist für einen guten Zweck gewidmet. Die Erlöse bekommen benachteiligte Jugendliche aus L. A. und Houston , die es sich nicht leisten können in Vereinen zu spielen und innerhalb ihrer Welt als gegabte Streetballer bekannt sind. Saved euch das folgende Datum: 13.02.18 ab 18 Uhr im Galen Center.

Photo Credits- @Kelly Strawder @asiasimpson818gmailcom @wegotyoumedia


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2018 All Star East Meets West Celebrity – An extravaganza in Los Angles At this sportive venue, plays the artists from the NBA scene, proms and selected virtuosos in different teams. In the colorful frame entertains the RnB rocket Ladies ( Give You More, High ), and ZupaNova ( First Contact, Energy ), witch one crossing the pop genre. The host is the most well-known show master D.B. Selected All Stars out of the glitz & glam quarter like Steve Francis ( former NBA Player ) and many celebs like Bill Bellamy, Keith Harris, Dominique Columbus ( Ray Donavan Show ), Tullio Parry, Tank, Layzie Bone, Brian Courtney Wilson, Corey Clark… This event takes an important piece for a charity character. The financially results are flooding toward the social disadvantaged youngsters from L. A. and Houston. Save the date: 13th of February 18 06 p.m. / Galen Center Los Angeles 
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Valentina (Marimar Vega) seems to have the perfect life in New York, with a perfect job and a perfect boyfriend, Jason Tate (Ryan Carnes)—far, far away from her scandalous political family in Mexico. When Jason proposes to her and wants to go to home to meet the family she has been keeping a secret, her two worlds clash. Adding to the hilarious chaos, her family brings her ex, Angel, (Omar Chaparro) into the picture and convinces Valentina to go along with a sham marriage to him in an effort to stop further negative press as her father runs for re-election. In the end, Valentina must choose where her heart belongs.


Cast: “Marimar Vega, Omar Chaparro, Ryan Carnes, Christian Tappan, Sabine
Moussier, Kate Vernon, Álvaro Carcaño, Jesús Zavala and Tony Dalton as
“Adrian Corcuera”
Written: Santiago Limón and Issa López
Directed by: Marco Polo Constandse Córdova
Produced by: Marco Polo Constandse Córdova
Executive Producer:Issa López, Tania Benitez Sanchez, Carlos Taibo, Avelino Rodriguez
Distributed by: Pantelion Films/ Lionsgate
Official Site: www.PantelionFilms.com
Publicity Materials: www.lionsgatepublicity.com
Trailer: https://youtu.be/6AGPkeDH2hU
IG/Facebook: @labodadevalentina
Twitter: @PantelionFilms
Hashtags: #labodadevalentina  

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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: Not yet rated
U.S. Release Date: February 9, 2018
Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes



Emergency response calls such as ventura County fires can come in at any time of the day or night and must be responded to immediately. Sleep may be frequently interrupted asthe

firefighters and their

in this scenario are experts in getting themselves dressed in the appropriate gear/equipment and onto the emergency vehicles quickly when responding to the emergency calls regardless of what they might be busy with at the time the emergency call comes in. Bravo and thank you Captain Steve Concialdi and all the firefighters under his command.

All the emergency calls, the brush fires, structure fires, automobile accidents, life-threatening medical emergencies, non life threatening medical calls and other hazardous situations, all were responded to with the same speed and professionalism by Captain Concialdi and front line

firefighters immediately who evaluate each emergency situation upon arrival including probability of the fire spreading, needs of victims, medical conditions, effects of weather conditions, etc. in order to effectively deal with all the emergencies.

Captain Steve Concialdi in Ventura County interviewed by We Got You Media Live by Marina Kufa and it was extremely critical that the firefighters thought so quickly and obtained the appropriate information to deal with each unique situation.

They all intimately coordinated their activities and worked as a team including those firefighters who worked directly with the emergencies, those who directed the activities and those who stood by to relieve other firefighters.

Firefighters in Ventura County encountered one of the largest fire disasters and the most dangerous operations in these last few days. Firefighters entered burning structures, searched for victims, ways to extinguish the fire and in this process they were exposed to extreme heat, smoke, fumes, and structural dangers.

Firefighters occasionally are overcome by smoke and/or are burned while working to put out fires such as one was reported to have a possible fractured leg in Ventura County fires who was responsible for the clean up of fire scenes.

Firefighters may perform the tasks previously done by paramedics and assess a victim’s general condition. Firefighters must use first aid and emergency medical techniques to treat victims to the best of their ability. In Ventura County rescue operations

firefighters used systematic search procedures to try to find trapped victims without getting lost or trapped.

While on duty in Ventura County fires each front line fire fighter worked and dedicated himself /herself for more than 24 hours, slept at the station. Most stations do not have any physical barriers separating male and female facilities, including bathing and toilet areas, and rely on an “occupied/not occupied” system.

We Got You Media Live sends special thanks to all the volunteers and individuals who had a special place and live in their heart to rescue and sace a life.

photo credits @wegotyoumedia

Brought to you by MDSUN www.mdsun.com ENTER code MARINA10 for additional 10% discount.IMG_2000

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On the 1st of Nov. WE GOT YOU MEDIA and NEWS OF THE WORLD producer Marina Kufa  attended  Chinese American Film Festival Co-production Summit was co-hosted by the Producers Guild of America (PGA), China Film Co-production Corporation (CFCC). Celebrities like Producer Stratton Leopold /Mission Impossible , Producer  Tony Carey/ Young& Hungry , Producer  John Winter ,Producer Brian Ashby/Interlude To Prague, Actress Jerrika Hinton/ Grey’s Anatomy, The Roommate , Emmy Nominated  Singer and co founder of BOYZ 2 MAN – Marc Nelson , Chinese Super Star Singer Lydia Chen ,Oscar Winner – Richard Anderson ABC Presenter Grant Michaelson ,Actor Michael Rooker , Actress Erica Christensen ,and attend ti Red Carpet This year, the summit has added China-US TV co-production forum and China-US documentary co-production forum which are co-hosted by committee of CAFF and State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Beijing Documentary Development Association and Chairman of Chinese Documentary Media Industry Group.  On the same day, committee of CAFF along with China Film Group will co-host Chinese American Film Festival Film and TV Market. On Nov. 2nd, the Golden Angel Award Ceremony will be rebroadcast jointly by more than 10 Chinese satellite television stations, such as Beijing Satellite TV. The CAFF Night of the Orient will be held on the evening of November the 3rd. During this night excellent films will be promoted. In addition, during the entire month of November there will be over 10 characteristic large special film events and seminars with over 200 film screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Salt Lake City and other cities across America. #MarinaKufa  #MarcNelson #wegotyoumedia #Newoftheworld #CAFF #LYDIACHEN #GrandMichaelson #JohnWinter #MichaelRooker #EricaChristensen

Chinese American Film Festival is jointly supported by State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the US Motion Pictures Association, the Chinese embassy, and the Chinese Consulate at Los Angeles and San Francisco’s as  well Hollywood Media – WE GOT YOU MEDIA.  CAFF is the only US-China cultural exchange project praised by two US presidents in writing, and is the only US-China cultural film activity formally recorded in the annual report of the U.S. Congress, becoming a part of the U.S. Congressional history. CAFF is the only representative of Chinese Film Market as overseas film festival to award the most popular American films in China. In recognition of the remarkable achievement of CAFF for continuously promoting cultural exchange between the two nations for 12 years, the government of Los Angeles County has named November the “Month of Chinese American Film Festival”, to celebrate the grand annual film and cultural event. Film and TV market, summit, opening ceremony, awards ceremony and screenings and various different activities that will take place in November during CAFF with the aim of further enhancing the collaboration and communication of film industry between the two nations.

Photo Credits to Award Winning Celebrity photographer Bob Delgadillo

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Red Carpet of Hollywood is Streaming Live- “George Lopez Golf Classic”

                                 Red Carpet of Hollywood is Streaming Live

George Lopez –One of the twenty five most influential Hispanics in the US

Did you know, that George has a Golf Handicap of thirteen? This multi – faced personality has one of his passion – Golf. In the year 2004 he started at the “ Bob Hope Chrysler Classic  & the At & T Pebble Beach National Pro – Am “.

George is a very famous comedian and he and his ensemble is touring along – side with his show “ George Lopez Live “ in many states of the US.

From 2002 – 2007 he has his own Late Night Show on ABC. Also, he worked on several projects as an actor, director and producer. With a plenty of popular cast, he was playing Alphonso in “ Valentine ´s Day “ . George gave his voice for the Animation – Movie “ Rio 2 “. George held a Star of Fame in Hollywood.

Mid of the millennium, he started the non – profit and charity project “ George Lopez Foundation, who is helping and supporting and create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children, adults and military families confronting challenges in education and health, as well as increasing community awareness about kidney disease and organ donation.

This upcoming event is placed in California and called “ George Lopez Golf Classic “. Meet them sold out event over especially social media streams at Lakeside Toluca Lake Golf  by We Got You Media Team “ Red Carpet of Hollywood “.

Further, the celebration venue is happening in the Baltaire Restaurant.



Tribute to Jessica Sutta – CD Release Party


Tribute to Jessica Sutta – CD Release Party

We Got You Media Live: Red Carpet Of Hollywood Episode 2

She is a quintessentially singing and dancing entertainer. With her wild organic expressions, she is always a gem on the stages and a sparkling model by the lenses on Red Carpet shows.
Jessica get famous as well, as an active member in the former R & B ensemble “ The Pussycat Dolls “. Her strictly strong mixed voice like scotch & soda, imparts her a distinctive feature.
Jessica loves to play in lascivious posing on live gigs and her remarkable music videos.
Grown up in Miami / FL, she never regretted her decision to build up her massively career in Los Angeles. Performed with Will Smith, Craig David and Gloria Estefan. Re – known super tracks like “ Show Me “ or “ White Lies “ by Paul van Dyk are floor burner in her solo area.
This vibrant hottie is in her private life very humble and enjoying sportive gym.

Stay tuned for the hottest upcoming photos & video material from this splendid – coolness party. Watch the ultimate cracker on RED CARPET OF HOLLYWOOD. Coming soon…

Photos: We Got You Media – Jesus Zulas

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Ralph Michael Brekan – Filming Master & Pop up Movement artist

Ralph Michael Brekan – Filming Master & Pop up Movement artist

Ralph Michael Brekan – Filming Master & Pop up Movement artist

An epitome of an acting artist & pop up movement art painter.

Ralph is the new interpretation of the godfather in pop art painting; Andy Warhol.  

His magnificent art work having featured in seven cities, twelve countries and three continents on the globe. Stunning exhibitions, with combine new materials ( recycling, sustainability and environmentally by his equipment ), allows him to refigure and recovering the past into the present.

Over 25 years in his excellent experience of such a contemporary first – rate artist, Ralph continue the traditional California Assemblage in their ecologically materials.

His latest shining showcase of “ Mixed Media Art by Warhol “ has been reflecting in Il Tramezzino Café & Exchange Room Gallery in Los Angeles, on 04 March 17.

It ´s a sequel of his success community event in Pasadena last year; the charming chocolate & art show.


On the other side, we have a filming virtuoso. Since his early childhood, he and his brother Douglas experimented with a Super 8 and Betamax gears. Enhanced  his technique skills as a production assistant and a laborer, Ralph joined at IATSE Motion Picture Studio Mechanic and a collaboration Village Roadshow Motion Picture. Here was his first big step into the movie branch to work on the popular filming project “ Three Kings “, starring by George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in the main roles.

Claimed in all its facets, Ralph is known for the role “ Vendor “ in the first episode of the TV series “ Westworld  “ with super star Ed Harris. Or in playing diversity character in “ Navy CIS “ and “ Baskets “. Many facilities enriched him a great coordinator in Art department, Camera and Electrical department, Production Designer and Art Director. Examples: “ Hidden Palms “ TV series,  “ Uncross the Stars “, “ Take Me Home Tonight “ and “ The Phoenix Incident “ a documentary project.

Catch him now in the brand new TV series “ The Last Tycoon “ as Dave Goodman in the first two episodes; written by Billy Ray and the legendary screenwriter ( his origin novel 1976 ) F. Scott Fitzgerald ( The Great Gatsby, Last Time in Paris ).  


“ In between my enthusiasm spirit, to be and balance different platforms in switching the filming and painting crafts, I sucking the whole atmosphere of the surroundings “, said Ralph Michael Brekan.  


Ralph is a fine – hearted expressionist, filled up with his own performance and his unique signature to sign his opus and spry it out. This outstanding artist melting the celebrity scene and in his private life, he loves to be humble and taking care of his warmth family.

Follow this dynamic firebird by his ingredient nostalgically hat out of the early 20th century and infect by his enduring hilarious smiling face…     

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Smash the Oscars #SmashGlobal

We Got You Media had the pleasure to support #SmashGlobalV– SMASH The Oscars! Anti bullying campaign last night with many dedicated celebrities. Everyone of us relate to this cause. We are here to put STOP to bully together with incredible @Steve Orosco and his Wife, and many many dedicated celebrities. Steve Orosco is the founder of Smash Globals as well Professional Mixed Martial Artist and entrepreneur. SMASH Global gives the sport of mixed martial arts what it deserves: The class and luxury of boxing, the raw excitement of MMA, the extravagance of Hollywood and the elegance of a black-tie gala into one can’t-miss event.
SMASH Global returns to Hollywood’s Taglyan Complex for a spectacular first-of-its-kind Pre-Oscar Fight Gala. Honoring of one of Hollywoods greatest true martial artists, Steven Seagal while we host live professionally sanctioned MMA bouts.
Previous honorees have included legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and UFC Hall of Fame inductee Tito Ortiz.  #smashtheoscars2017

Tony Selvage – The Godfather Of New Age Music

Tony Selvage – The Godfather Of New Age Music

His home is the magical region of Topanga Canyon in California / US West Coast.
There he can inhale the whole aura from this special pleasing area.
Tony has the musician gift in his veins. By the genes from his mother the actress and singer Ennid Zamboni, he was inspired to learn the Violin. Also from his father Morris Coffin Selvage, who was a popular trumpet artist.
The proud father of four daughters, attended the Cornish School of Music at the age of 10 and studied with Frank Beezhold, the concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. After school, he continued practicing in music, his whole family moved to Florida. After several years in the US Navy and a G.I. in Vietnam, he got some unspectacular jobs for a while. At the age of 30 years old, his oldest daughter Keirstin inspirited him, while she played with a pencil on a violin. That sound mesmerized him for a new restart in composing songs. He took his own fabulous energy into the instrument and discovered new horizons in music. Tony`s audience were fascinated and his glorify road to the peaks was the beginning of his super successful career.
This burning virtuoso audited the classes of California Institute of the Arts and performed their first live concert. One of his biggest chances was to work with Quincy Jones / MoTown Records and his prosperous talent helped him to play with numerous Hollywood parties while learning massage and chiropractic techniques. He also played for the very first Topanga Days as well as the Palisades Symphony Orchestra . He later performed with the Topanga Symphony Orchestra, Will Geer´s Theatricum Botanicum and the American Show with Pete Seeger. From this point, Tony was much more than recognized, he was one of the important influence of a new journey into music. He worked with such big heads like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Brian Douglas Wilson, Keoki Kahumoku, Mick Fleetwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Petty, Emmy Lou Harris, Taj Mahal and thousand more legendary superstars.
Multi versatile in different genres; he composed and played songs for the commercial industries, created vibrations for the filming branch like “ Interview With A Vampire “, “ Nightmare On Elm Street III: Dream Warriors / Don Dokken “, Murder She Wrote “ are one of countless reviews. Also, he has a wonderful collection of live tapes and his own compilations.
In his “ early “ musician time, he founded his band BA KA DA; witch means BA = Outer soul spirit universe / KA = Inner soul / DA = NOW / NAO = Vibrations of now, death, life, a Chinese Ideogram. With those guys, he climbed many spontaneous jams and sessions in Orange County. Tony regarded also many solo live gigs worldwide.
Music is more than a therapy. It is a mentally and spiritually mouthpiece by voice and sound.
The transcendence between the emotions by making music and a healing key – role to enter the right nerve of the listener, is the productive solution to recovering own personality. Tony is the interpretation of God as a musician, who know’s to find a special carol for everybody. His unique vibrations are the gate for new and healthy of personal excellence. His focus is also to engage the complexities of music therapy, neuroscience, the body ´s immune systems and the deepest philosophical and metaphysical issues of who we are. He is always discovering new possibilities to refresh people by his skills.
Violinist Tony conglomerates all genres of music arts, so he launched his own music category in “Cosmic Classical Jazz“. Cosmic = Is the spiritual key, because it comes from God; Classical = means the training and education and Jazz = Improvisation.
Tony loves to play on his viola ( electric ) and one of his greatest live jams was to melting a group of American Indians to dive into their cosmos. He was a part on them and breathed extraordinary impressions.
More magnificent information by his achievement can be found under www.tonyselvage.com