The Giant is Back – Mel Gibson

Mel has passed “ The Way To Canossa “. He is back!!
After his absence from Hollywood, Mel returns with his newest upcoming Blockbuster “Hacksaw Ridge “ into the hearts of his faithful fans.
Many apologies from him were run the last painful years. Sure, Mel wasn’t really outside the door, but in between his little rest and concentrations about new projects, he never lost his focus to coming back on his throne.
Most of Mel’s colleagues and friends counted on him. Hollywood Star Jody Foster said “You are not alone“ – it’s a double metaphor by the heartbreaking song from Michael Jackson. 

Mel has a many outstanding skills and an unique talent in his blood. He is performing his theatre – not any other!
Rising up in Australia, the 5 fifth continent, he was the incarnation about a novel hero of a young generation in the filming industries. “ Mad Max “ embodied a new episode of the last 20 th century warriors of their decade. That was an impact. Like the line of the cutting edge in the fresh history by the vanquishers in their own genre. “The Expandables“ is the real homage by their honoured work.

“Massively by his unparalleled organ of perfection. His third eye is always omnipotent at the set. Like a father, a patron, to force up his cast & crew into new dimensions of their own. Strike up for breathtaking moments and scenes; carriages solid pain, sorrow, extremely excessive sacrifices, abhorrence, vengeance, sentiment, adoration and salvation.
Such this ensemble of goosebumps in their contributing and to be thrilled by their sovereign profession, the cineasts speaks it with standing ovations”- Says our editor Michael.

“ Hacksaw Ridge “ is a war drama and playing in the WW2.
Starring with Andrew Garfield in the main role ( The Social Network, Spiderman ). He is acting the former US hero Desmond Doss. D. D. rescued 75 veterans in the “Battle of Okinawa / Japan“. Never to fight with a weapon, he encouraged with his outlook to help his pals on the battlefield as a paramedic.

Director Mel Gibson decided to shot this movie predominately in New South Wales / Australia. Nearby a half year took the time in the remarkable setting .

Hollywood Film Awards 2016: Director / Mack up & Hairstyling / Cutting
Peoples Choice Awards 2016: Best Picture
China Huading Awards 2016: Best Action Movie

AACTA Awards 2017: Best Picture / Best Director / Best Main Actor / Best Co – Actor / Best Origin Screenplay / Best Camera / Best Cutting
Golden Globe Awards 2017: Best Film in Drama / Best Director / Best Main Actor in Drama

We are very proud to have welcome you back; dear Mel!


Ambitious, Vibrant, Full Time Worker And A Hard – Lining Team player – Kevin Matlo

This unbreakable guy is a full – blood filmmaker. One of his specialised genre is to produce the  piercing thriller. Spiced with dramatically crime and heart suspense scenes.

Kevin is multi – virtuosic by his strong concentrated work. Every step has to be in a master and high quality perfection. Before the real scene is finished, many rehearses accompanied the daily and nightly production.

As you can watch by his “ Behind The Scenes “ footage, the master of his company is always there. Everybody from the cast & crew is a mostly gem in his brilliant team.

Like a father, Kevin spread his elegance of joviality to every member.

Also, Kevin functioned as a director and a writer by his sparkling projects into his own company Stargaze Entertainment.

Based in the Province Alberta / Canada, he is smolder the ice by his fascinating nature of a kindness working hero.

We Got You Media Productions are very proud to give a little report about his latest opus.

“ Forbidden Playground “ it ´s captivating first class crime thriller about a well – situated family with two adorable young kids. The teacher ( Jesse Lipscombe ) kicks in their silent, normal and filled with boring emphasis life. He plays a psycho and is obsessed  by the wife ( Samanta Grant ) after his seduction on her own. This is running thrill about dead or alive in between the diabolic traits by the teacher. The father is the great actor ( Martin Andrew ) and the sweet children are ( Sydni Fedoruk and Will Brisbin ). Another amazing cast are surrounding the whole stuff and the crackling atmosphere.

Follow this new released movie on the online streaming platform VIMEO. You have the offer to rent it for 48 hours for few Dollars. We stay tuned for more exclusively specials from this Canadian rock.