A Night of Elegance

Join us at this fine elegance extravaganza. During the ceremony by We Got You Media Marina Kufa, Victor Migalchan & Stephen Handsides the rekown director Harrison Engle and Special Guest Lydia Chen Member of Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). Welcome the chinese producers Zehra Sun and Joey Zhou.


Rob Minkoff – producer, director, writer, actor „ The Lion King „, The Haunted Mansion „
Stephanie Spruill – actress, singer „ The Kid „, „ Olivia in Concert „
Peter Kater – pianist, composer „ Natural Born Killers „, 10 Questions for Dalai Lama „
Sandra Costa – building and concept designer, interior and exterior architect
Carlos Amezcua – moderator, former anchor of KTTV Fox News, co – anchor KUSI TV
Stephen Nia – producer, techniques „ The Dome „, Starlight „
Marci Weiner – Hollywood columnist „ Hollywood Woman „
Jeremy Morelli – artist of handmade desings
Antonio Gellini – producer, founder of World Film Institute, „ The Great Hunger „
Marc Nelson – singer, songwriter former founder of „ Boys II Men „ Az Yet „
Roland Kickinger – actor, producer, bodybuilder Mr Austria 1994, „ Terminator – Resurrection „

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